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Getting the Most from Your Flight Simulator is Overwhelming

If you don't have a plan...

You'll Avoid Getting Started

You'll Waste Time and Money

Your Simulator Sits Unused

All of this leads to frustration and feeling like a failure.  I don't want this to happen to you!  I've helped others achieve their aviation goals.  My plan will help you achieve yours as well!

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How Does the Briefing Room Squadron Flight Plan Work?

You'll have 6 unique ways to learn the course material.  When you put all 6 together, you'll have the confidence and knowledge to jump into your flight simulator and fly like a pro!

Watch the Course Videos

We guide you, step-by-step through the topics you'll need to understand.

Read the Textbook Chapter

Dive deep into the lesson details and strengthen your base of knowledge.

Discuss Material with Community

Get motivated and motivate others to keep moving toward success.

Practice What You're Learning in Your Simulator

Reinforce what the lessons are teaching by practicing in your simulator. 

Participate in Group Challenges

Gain points by completing tasks designed to ensure your learning success.

Ask Any Questions You Have

Study with the confidence that, if you get stuck, we've got your back!

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When you put all 6 learning methods to work, you will feel confident in your ability to fly your simulator aircraft like a pro!  Not only that, you'll actually find the learning process and relationships you build to be fun and empowering!

Your "Flight Plan" for Becoming a Flight Sim Master

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Our on-demand courses and community give you a plan you can easily implement to understand how airplanes the real world and your sim.

Fly Your Flight Sim Like a Pro

With a plan that’s proven to work, you’ll be amazed at how your confidence skyrockets and that feeling of overwhelm subsides.

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Most People Who Open their Flight Simulator Software for the First Time Don't Have a Clue Where to Begin!

Looking at all the dials and knobs on the screen of your flight sim aircraft can be an overwhelming experience.  There is a TON of information to understand if you're going to navigate the skies with any semblence of reality.  You need to understand how airplanes work, aviation weather, airports, aviation law, navigation, etc, etc. could just smash around like so many flight simulator YouTubers trying to land jumbo jets on postage stamp runways (not the way!). 

But you want to know how airplanes actually work.  You want to understand what you're doing when you're flying.  Shucks!  You might even want to use your simulator as a way to help you prepare to get a real license.

But punching the throttle and praying for the best isn't how it works in the real world!

The Flight Nerd Air Force  Briefing Room Squadron is designed to eliminate this overwhelm by giving you simple plan you can use to understand real world aviation so you understand your simulator.  We want to be your trusted guide through the process of overcoming the simulator learning curve.  That's why our 6 methods of study give you a step-by-step plan to learn the course material, understand aviation, and understand how to make your simulator into a tool for real aviation learning.

When you join Briefing Room Squadron, you'll jump right into the six study methods.  You'll quickly understand the next steps you need to master the controls of your own simulated aircraft! 

From there, you’ll have a customized plan to help you learn and implement the course material in your own simulator. Imagine how good it will feel to be confident in your study plan.

No more guessing. No more overwhelm. Just a whole lot of confidence in your plan to explore and enjoy your home flight simulator!

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